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What is Accelerated Reader?Boy reading in LRC

In Years 7, 8 and 9 at King’s Oak, everyone uses Accelerated Reader. It’s a targeted program which improves reading age, through regular, tested independent reading. Your child will be assessed, given a level, and will choose freely from the range of books at that level.

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Once they’ve read the book, your child will take a quiz to assess their understanding of key themes, character, plot and language. A high pass will earn them a reward, and a series of high passes will mean they are moved up a level, showing progress.

Your child will read as part of their English curriculum time, but must also complete reading homeworks weekly, and without fail – they won’t progress otherwise. You can check on your child’s progress using the link below.

Accelerated Reader is hugely successful at improving reading ages – but more importantly, it’s fun! Students are able to try new, exciting books, discuss their reading with others, and have the guidance of their English teacher and the LRC manager.

Mrs Bowles in the LRC stamping books

20 Good books - click here for a list of 20 good young person's books

Students' thoughts

...I like it when you pass tests and get an achievement point as a reward” Alysha, Year 7
“...I am reading at home more now!”
Joe, Year 7
“...Accelerated Reader has helped me read more, as I never used to read as much as I do now”
Sam, Year 7
"...Accelerated Reader has helped me read better because I am given a level that is specific to my reading ability” Natasha, Year 7
“ helps you read and conquer hard words” Ross, Year 8
“...I usually read them for a couple of hours a day before I go to sleep...I am now reading more” Ella, Year 8 “ helps students read more...Through Accelerated Reader I read many books I never thought I would and because of that I love reading much more at school and at home. Before Accelerated Reader...I would only read small books ... because of Accelerated Reader I have read a thick book and when I finished it I was over the moon; I wasn’t the only proud one, my family were as well. Accelerated Reader doesn’t just bring you together with the book world, it also brings family members together through books. I would highly recommend it.” Nikkita, Year 9 “...Accelerated Reader is a good way to boost your skills...I like how you can take a test on your recent book...books are fun...the library is full of different genres of books” Dan, Year 9

This month's Top Reader is

Emily Worgan, Year 7

Emily has read 5,934,050 words and passed 67 quizzes

I mostly read vampire books and fantasy books. My favourite authors include Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, Jessica Sorenson, Addison Moore and Darren Shan. I recommend all of Rick Riordan’s books because they have lots of humour and are full of fantasy.

Accelerated Reader has made me more confident in my reading because I now know how many words I’ve read and I am put on the right level for my reading ability. I have moved up 5 levels since September.

I usually read in Costa, a coffee shop, and relax there. I read a lot at home in my bedroom as well. I sometimes like reading in a quiet place because you can concentrate better.

Top Tips

  • Read in a quiet place so you can concentrate
  • Try and read the types of books you love
  • Read for at least 10-30 minutes each day (I like to read for more!)

Parents' Stuff

Boys reading on the stairsAccelerated Reader uses a program called Renaissance Place at school. This program has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect, you and your child can access outside of schoolfrom any computer with an internet connection. Renaissance Home Connect is fun and easy to use. It allows you, your child and the teacher to share information about your child’s progress in Accelerated Reader.

Accelerated Reader logo
You can use this link to log in to Renaissance Home Connect .

Your child will know their username and password.

There is now an app for Accelerated Reader for students to take quizes on their mobile phones or other devices that have apps at home or on the go. They need to download the Accelerated Reader app and then enter the following: They will then need to use their username and password as per usual and can then search for books and take quizes.

If you’d like to receive emails showing your child’s quiz or test results from their work in school, click the Email Setup link in Renaissance Home Connect and follow the directions.


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