Studying a Modern Foreign Language is a valuable addition to your studies, putting you at a distinct advantage when it comes to applying for a job or a further course of education.

You will develop your skills in all kinds of different areas (problem-solving skills, analytic and interpretive capacities, memory, and self-discipline), including those relating to the world of work.

Speaking a foreign language teaches you skills which will increase your marketability. English is widely spoken throughout the world, but the global economy depends on communication. When dealing with a French-speaking country, someone who speaks French will have an obvious advantage over someone who doesn't (French is spoken officially in 33 countries in the world).

In addition to these, when you speak another language, you can enjoy literature, films, internet surfing, and music in the original language.

The study of a foreign language helps you understand your own. As you compare a foreign language with English, you develop your understanding of how English language works.

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